2nd Step

I went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting talking about the 2nd step which is, “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”


Looking inside I see the puzzle,
Piece by piece.
I see how it fits.
Understanding the connections,
Seeing the meaning.
If the pieces get scattered it can feel defeating.
When and if this happens,
It’s time to sort it out.
Taking it piece by piece,
And eliminating the doubt.



Life is constant,
It’s always moving forward.
Like the current,
Were constantly moving toward our goal.
But what’s our goal?
Is it to keep our heads above water?
Is it to avoid obstacles?
Or do you go with the flow?
To go with the flow,
Is to live life on life’s ¬†terms.
To understand that there will be obstacles, trials, and adversity.
And to know to keep your head above the water and let the current of life carry you through them.
The current is strong,
Life is always moving,
Life is a journey,
So stay strong.
Feel the flow.

A Feeling?

Is it in us?
Or around us?
Do we feel it?
Or sense it?
We are filled and surrounded by the Spirit.
We are conduits for God.
We bring teachings from him to life by living His teachings.
We are filled by the Spirit.
It is in us.
It is around us.
We do feel it.
We do sense it.
Live in the Spirit.

Bipolar Melody

Bipolar Melody-
Scene’s flash by,
Is it life or memories?
Life seems dream like,
Dreams seem life like.
Life is confusing,
Living a bipolar life can be devastating.
Take a breath,
Collecting the thought,
Take control of the uncontrollable.
Scenes flash by,
Is it life or memories?
Living with the memories of my life.
Dreaming to make the dreams live!
Bipolar Melody-