Weakness, Strength?

In life do you feel like you have a weakness?
Maybe that weakness is a gift?
I believe if you live in fear it’s because of a weakness.
Maybe because it’s something you hide or something you don’t want to show?
But what if your weakness was something you were born with?
I know I was born with bipolar disorder.
I also know I was masking the symptoms of my mental illness with my drug and alcohol use.
So is this a weakness?
I believe that whatever life has in store we need to have strength.
Not just physical, but mental and spiritual too.
Sometimes I think of my disorder as a weakness.
But I have come to terms that I need to change that thinking to see the positive.
What could be the positive?
Looking negatively only produces negative thoughts and actions.
I have found that when I change my thinking I produce positive thoughts.
When my thoughts are positive, positive actions happen.
It’s not always easy to change your thinking, but necessary.

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  1. Well said. I agree with you in regards to changing our thinking to create positive results. Our thoughts influence our emotions which influence our behavior. If we can change the first part the rest will follow.

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