Life moves fast.
Time to slow it down.
To reflect on my journey and see where I’ve been.
I’ve been to hell and back, in purgatory I had a home.
Never really free,
Never the true me.
Didn’t really think that the suffering would end.
That my soul and body would fuse back together and mend.
Over time my progress was slow but my life was changing.
Putting one step in front of the other like my life was in training.
I need to be thankful.
God has saved me.
He has provided.
I am thankful for,
My life,
My wife,
My children,
My job,
And my mental health advocacy.
My higher power has raised me from the dead.
I am thankful.

Will make your journey happen.
I try to be around and listen to positive people, but sometimes that can be difficult. In my life I try to be creative in ways to share a positive story of recovery. Positive and negative things happen every day in life. It’s how we react to them and show the world how we learned our lesson. Positivity is good for growth, but we also can grow from the negative. Every pole has a reaction, so what’s yours?

Does my mood change for a reason? Maybe it’s the season?
Is there any reason to fear? I think this happens the same time every year.
Living with bipolar disorder I and addiction, my mood changes with the season, then I know the summer is over. I need to come to terms with this fact. Even though I want to hold on to summer, seasons eventually change, like my mood.
Once I realize this, my acceptance comes quick. Acceptance is a big factor with my dual diagnosis.
If I deny the changes of the season, I deny the symptoms/changes of my mood and can become depressed, which has happened this year. I became aware of this change in my behavior and knew I needed to slow down, think, and readjust.
Because of this awareness, I had a quick turnaround. Saying this, helps me talk about my symptoms when they arise. Because when I’m acknowledging them and making the symptoms vocal, I become aware. I’ve been in recovery since 1995, I have become more aware of myself since the early years of my recovery. I believe that at any stage of recovery, being vocal is necessary and acceptance is a must.
Accept, adjust, recover.

Looking at today,
Was it good?
If not,
Was there focus?
I lose focus under distractions.
Distracting me to lose my focus.
The power of God has my focus.
Under that focus comes peace.
Peace is God.
God is peace.
Anything else is noise.
In that noise comes trouble because my purpose becomes polluted.
Peace, joy, and happiness is my purpose. Anything that takes that away is noise.
Because anything that can take away my peace, joy, and happiness without anything good coming out of it is a distraction.
It is very clear to me that God is my provider so I won’t waste away the day worrying about things that I cannot change. Because I will lose my focus, peace, joy, and happiness.


When there’s a break in time, what’s in store?

There is some kind of lesson, I’ve learned that before.
The situation will present itself, it’s behind the door.
Open the door and see the prize, it’s what you’ve been waiting for.
Put your worries aside, the lesson will be over soon.
If the lesson leaves you in the dark, the light will be at the end.
Remember to acknowledge the lesson and don’t pretend.
Because these lessons are needed and soon will end.
Be prepared for more, because that’s what our lives are about,
So be positive and let your answers remove the doubt.