Stability in Recovery-
When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1 and addiction I hoped for a stable life.
Hope is an expectation of fulfillment.
My new life with this dual diagnosis started in April of 1995.
The first seven years of this new life was like an uncontrollable tidal wave. I was up, down, and all over the place.
I was hospitalized many times and lost every job I had for not being compliant with my recovery plan. My plan was to go to a psychiatrist, go to a therapist, go to 12 step programs, and take my medication as prescribed.
Instability happened when I was going to my psychiatrist and wasn’t being completely open and honest about the symptoms I was having and how I was feeling on the medication. I also wouldn’t take my medication as prescribed. I would take it when I remembered and sometimes I would miss doses. This would lead me to losing many jobs and would result in many hospitalizations.
The one thing I did do routinely was go to a 12-step program to keep my sobriety. This is how my life was for the first seven years.
I had to come to a self realization about my hopes. My expectation of stability to be fulfilled would have to start with action. My recovery plan would have to change.
I started by being open and honest with my doctor. I also started utilizing my therapist by working on my feelings, thoughts, and hopes with this new way of life. I continued on with my sobriety and I would take my medication at the same time every day and not miss a dose.
Slowly but surely my life started getting better. By doing these steps I got into a routine. I was getting the same amount of hours of sleep every night. Was blessed to get a good job. Then stability started to come.
I believe that any hope for a healthy recovery starts with action.
Believe in yourself, start a routine, and be open and honest with how you’re feeling.
This led to stability in my life. I have 18 years clean and sober, happily married, two beautiful children, own a home, and have been working steady at the same job for eight years.
Life will always have it’s ups and downs, there’s no perfection in life.
But with hope, turned into action, recovery can lead to stability.

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