Does my mood change for a reason? Maybe it’s the season?
Is there any reason to fear? I think this happens the same time every year.
Living with bipolar disorder I and addiction, my mood changes with the season, then I know the summer is over. I need to come to terms with this fact. Even though I want to hold on to summer, seasons eventually change, like my mood.
Once I realize this, my acceptance comes quick. Acceptance is a big factor with my dual diagnosis.
If I deny the changes of the season, I deny the symptoms/changes of my mood and can become depressed, which has happened this year. I became aware of this change in my behavior and knew I needed to slow down, think, and readjust.
Because of this awareness, I had a quick turnaround. Saying this, helps me talk about my symptoms when they arise. Because when I’m acknowledging them and making the symptoms vocal, I become aware. I’ve been in recovery since 1995, I have become more aware of myself since the early years of my recovery. I believe that at any stage of recovery, being vocal is necessary and acceptance is a must.
Accept, adjust, recover.

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