Today I had a thought. I think it comes with awareness. I realized, I complain about life sometimes. I complain about my mental illness, silently. I complain about money. I complain about my job. I complain about people who complain. It’s a weakness. It can become a sickness, if you let it. But, there is a bigger picture.

Have faith.


An act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact:

My self-realization is that complaining is pointless. Complaining is self-absorbed non-sense. It gets me nowhere. This realization might sound simple, but I’m looking at it in a bigger picture. I’m looking at a lifetime. How long is it? How much time do I have here? I’m not sure. Do you? I don’t want to waste precious time complaining without action. Life is precious.

Have faith.


The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim:

Action for me starts with this realization, LIFE IS TEMPORARY. No more, no less. Complaining is a lack of doing. Wanting something done or to change something without doing the work is complaining, broken down simply. I believe this comes from awareness.

Have faith.


Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact:

How I perceive things stems from my interpretation of all the ups, downs, trials, and tribulations I’ve had in my life. I think when I complain it’s a surface complaint covering up a deeper perspective. What is it? That LIFE IS TEMPORARY. It’s a scary thought.

Have faith.


I know this physical life is temporary, and the spirit is everlasting. Having faith is to believe in something bigger than what we know, bigger than the physical life. Sometimes I get lost. Not realizing that this life is a series of ups, downs, trials, and tribulations to get closer to the ultimate goal, life everlasting. This life is just a beginning.

When I begin to complain, and seem to get lost, which will definitely happen, I will remember this: Have faith, be aware, take action, and realize that life is short. This life is just a journey, a beginning, not an end. No complaints, Live.

I have faith.

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