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Awakening- What is an awakening? It is a breakthrough from the inside out. It is a breakthrough of walls and barriers that we create internally. What causes these walls and barriers? Fear. What causes the fear? In my case, it is acceptance. Why acceptance? Because living with my dual diagnosis of bipolar disorder and addiction to alcohol/drugs there is a …

No More Crutch

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No More Crutch is a book written of poetry, writings, and feelings from the early years of my recovery living with a dual diagnosis. My dual diagnosis consists of bipolar disorder and addiction to drugs/alcohol. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1995 after a drug induced manic episode. I was going to an all night rave club in NYC …


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Truth- When looking for the light, Are you in darkness? When listening to the truth, Do you hear? When I’m going through adversity I’m always praying for an answer. I believe in order to hear the truth, We have to accept the light. The light can come to us through an understanding of acceptance. An acceptance that a change has …

In Our Own Voice

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This is my first “In Our Own Voice” presentation for the National Alliance on Mental Illness(NAMI).That’s me (Jason Insalaco) sitting on the left and Skip Hemschott sitting on the right. We present for NAMI NJ to bring awareness and educate about mental illness from our own stories of recovery.


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Many of my thoughts come and form into clouds. They can fill my head with darkness. It is key for me to be creative to express my thoughts into ideas and form a fire which is therapeutic. In this therapy art is formed. But it takes action. I must act to get the ideas done. Creation starts from thoughts which …