Jason Insalaco is a videographer and public speaker whose mission is to share his story of recovery and his insights into mental illness and addictions in order to educate, encourage, and inspire others along the paths to their own recovery.
In 1995, Jason began his recovery following a drug-induced manic episode that led to his dual diagnosis of bipolar I and alcohol/drug addiction. Since that time, he has been writing and journaling, producing videos, and speaking publicly about his personal experience with mental health and addiction issues. He is an avid blogger and has self-published his own book. No More Crutch, which consists of writings and poetry that express his thoughts and feelings during the early years of his recovery. His videos, which can be viewed on YouTube, capture and express his thoughts and feelings through images.
Currently, Jason serves the mental health community as a trained presenter and speaker for the National Alliance on Mental Illness’s (NAMI’s) In Our Own Voice (IOOV) educational and advocacy program. As an IOOV presenter, he speaks freely about his dark days, acceptance, treatment, coping skills, successes, hopes, and dreams. He is also a Stability Leader, one of 100 leaders in a national coalition of professionals speaking out about their mental health conditions – called The Stability Network.