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I AM JUST TRAVELING ON A PATH CALLED RECOVERY by Andy “Electroboy” Behrman Because of my role as a mental health advocate whose goal has been to motivate and encourage “recovery” to those living with depression and bipolar disorder, I’ve always been hesitant to be entirely honest about my own inner thoughts on the subject. But lately, I’ve been asked …


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Today I had a thought. I think it comes with awareness. I realized, I complain about life sometimes. I complain about my mental illness, silently. I complain about money. I complain about my job. I complain about people who complain. It’s a weakness. It can become a sickness, if you let it. But, there is a bigger picture. Have faith. …

The Question?

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Looking to a time when the time will stand still. -The judgment Will it end quietly or will the silence penetrate the walls and shake furiously? -The inner walls Will the fierce light penetrate the soul and shine like gold or will the residue be like ash? -The self-reflection Or is this the judgment that was taught? -The question


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Defeated? What do you do when you feel defeated? I don’t mean losing a game or a bout with someone. I mean when life seems to kick you around when you’re at a low point and leaves you at the curb. This might sound abnormal, but is this feeling “normal” for someone living with a mental illness? Living with Bipolar …