The Valley

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Look towards the mountain, If you’re in the valley. It’s temporary, The valley. Look to climb and grow, The mountain. Once at the top, Enjoy the view, Your journey is won. Don’t be discouraged on your climb down, It’s a temporary visit, The valley. It’s life, Up-and-down victories. It’s life, LIVE.

Mental Health Stigma: The Real Madness

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I am an MBA Psychologist working as a professor of psychology at a small Midwestern university and I also have a small private practice; serving a very rural area where suicide is higher than the national average. I also come from a family riddled with mental illness and suicides as well as struggle with my own mental illness. I am …


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Can’t We All Just Get Along? In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month and a lively discussion with a colleague this fine spring morning, I want to talk about a movement that leaves me flummoxed as both a patient and provider. The anti-psychiatry movement. I have to be honest. I do not understand it. We cry out for understanding, …

Stigma Fighters

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What is Stigma Fighters? Stigma Fighters is a non-profit mental health organization. I am the CEO and Founder, Sarah Fader. We have been featured on The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal and Good Day New York. It all started with a glimmer of an idea I had. I wrote an article for The Huffington Post about living …

Supporting young people suffering with self-harm and eating disorders – three key lessons

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Pooky Knightsmith is a specialist in student mental health and emotional well-being, and author of Self-Harm and Eating Disorders in Schools. Through her company In Our Hands Ltd, Pooky works with schools, parents and organisations to promote awareness of and provide training on topics related to mental health. She is also the Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Advisor for the …

Who Is In The Driver’s Seat?

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Facebook. I am on it again. How did this happen? I was writing intentions, meditating…suddenly I am on Facebook… I can’t even tell how long it’s been: two minutes? Five? Ten? What am I doing here? What am I looking for? Back to my writing and meditation… Setting the intention. I intend to catch what gets me off track and …

Don’t Be Afraid To Shine

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~ Anais Nin Being our true self takes tremendous risk and courage. By being our self we have to stand alone in our power without any fears or doubts. We have to have the audacity to trust …

Medically-Assisted Therapy: An Outpatient Process for the 21st Century Opioid Addict

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Medically-Assisted Therapy: An Outpatient Process for the 21st Century Opioid Addict Opioid epidemics always have a cause. Many major metropolitan areas experienced problems immediately following conflicts such as WWII and the Vietnam War, when soldiers returned home addicted to heroin. Likewise, the research, attitudes and public policy geared toward the treatment of those addicts were based on the characteristics of …