What is the message?
What could it be?
It’s a simplified life,
Which has been bestowed in me.
To deliver it simply,
Is all I want to achieve.
To put it out to see and hear,
But it’s up to you in what you believe.
Not to change your mind, or push an idea.
Just to free your mind, without any fear.
Open and honest is what I believe, see it for yourself, for what you want to achieve.
I want to achieve freedom, to soar with the eagles in the open sky.
Not to persuade or judge, or leave with a question ending with, why?
I believe in God the Father, the Son that never sets.
If it wasn’t for the Father, the Son would never have been sent.
For that, I believe in Jesus Christ, who saves me from my sins. He knows my woes, he’s heard my cries , on my knees when I’d repent.

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