Medication Compliance

What does medication compliance have to do with mental health? In my situation it’s crucial in my stability of life, living with bipolar disorder. I’ve been living with bipolar disorder for over 20 years. I wasn’t always compliant with a medication regiment. Why? There’s a couple of reasons for this.
In 1995 when I was diagnosed and was released from my first hospitalization I was left with prescriptions to be filled. When it came time to pay for them, I was left with a bill that was over $1100.00. That was for only one month. I had just spent the last four weeks hospitalized and didn’t work. I was broke. How in the world was I supposed to stay mentally well? I was basically released to fend for myself. Thank God I had people in my life who I could borrow the money from. That in itself made me not want to take the medication.
Another reason, was I loved being manic. I loved the highs of the mania. I felt more creative and had more energy than I’ve ever had. That would lead to no sleep which would lead to insanity.
Being in recovery from drugs/alcohol, I didn’t want to rely on pills for anything. I felt like I could control my mental health. That was a mistake.
All these things being said, how do you become medication compliant with these situations? I can only speak from my own experiences. That being said, I know there are ways of getting on medication plans which can lessen the price or get free trial medication to last the month and so on. But, the system isn’t perfect, it takes time.
As for the other reasons, the pain of being manic time after time with hospitalization after hospitalization I grew tired. I never had control. Control was an illusion. It was time to get my life together the best I could. I went to my psychiatrist and went on charity care for office visits and for free medication. I took my pills as prescribed. I wanted to work so I started part time with benefits and went on making routine decisions until I was stable enough to move forward.
With all this being said, life with mental illness is hard. I never had all the answers. I just wanted to feel better. In my recovery, I needed stability. What worked for me was to never give up on myself. Trials and tribulations, were numerous and seemed like they would never end.
Medication compliance is the way it works for me. I am in a job for the last 10 years that helps with my mental health care with good benefits. It was and is a journey, but I want to live as stable as the good Lord will allow me.

-Don’t give up – Stay on the path – One day at a time

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  1. I particularly have a tough time with medication compliance. I take my meds correctly for a while, until I feel better, then I stop, cold turkey. There is a world of difference in medicated me and non medicated me.

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