What is the meaning of life?
When we’re born into this life, isn’t it from the act of love?
What separates us from this love?
A separation from God? A separation from ourselves? If we are made in his likeness, isn’t that the same thing?
I believe we are all created in God’s likeness and that we all are manifested from his love.
The reason I say this is because I was thinking about the human spirit and what drives it? Is it greed? Or materialism? If so, I believe we’re not living in that love.
If it’s acts of kindness or selflessness, then we are living in that love.
How are we to live in this way of being? Simple.
“Love each other as I have loved you”. John 15:12 NIV
My belief system is defined by Jesus Christ and his teachings. His greatest commandment was simply, love. I love the simplicity.
Why do all of us make life so complicated? Human nature, I guess.
In life, I believe we all have to be reminded to keep it simple. I know in my life with the hustle of living life on life’s terms I make this simple rule complicated. I always have to remind myself to keep it simple.

Practice simple acts of kindness.

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