What do you do when you feel defeated? I don’t mean losing a game or a bout with someone. I mean when life seems to kick you around when you’re at a low point and leaves you at the curb. This might sound abnormal, but is this feeling “normal” for someone living with a mental illness?

Living with Bipolar Disorder, it seems like there are days when feeling defeated comes easy. It’s a low point that I tend to go through. It’s easy for someone to say, “Get over it”. How do I get over of it? I don’t. I go THROUGH it.

Going through a low point is the process of using coping skills to move you through the valley, or low point to get you back to feeling good again. Getting over it? It doesn’t happen. It’s like ignoring that it’s even happening. Going through it, is acknowledging the low point for what it is and moving on.

Living with a mental illness is challenging. Living with a mental illness isn’t for the weak. It’s a way of life that takes a lot of work. In my own life, I can feel defeated but my illness doesn’t defeat me, it challenges me. In the good times it’s great, in the low times it’s hard. Again it’s a challenge.

Learning coping skills is important. Mine is writing. As I write this, it shows what’s on my mind and helps me realize if there’s going to be a challenge. I can tell you there’s no challenge right now, it’s just acknowledging that there is a low point and I know it’s seasonal.

How do I know it’s seasonal? Because I’ve been writing for years and now I know myself through my writing. My suggestion is, if you get a defeated feeling with mental illness, learn some coping skills. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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