Life happens. My goal is to be content. In my life I strive for happiness and satisfaction. Again, life happens. Life isn’t perfect. I believe that when life gets hectic and I get discontented about things, I have to remember that God is working in my life. God doesn’t want discontentment in our lives. I believe that if we restructure our thinking and realize that God wants our lives to be satisfied and happy we can become content. In the past I didn’t want contentment because I was missing the point of what it really means. As a Christian, my thinking has changed. I believe that God is always working on and in us. I also believe that I have to be thankful for the life that I was given. I realize now that being content is being satisfied in the present until you get where you’re going in the future. Sometimes easier said than done. I will take into account that situations can arise from discontentment but God is always working on where he wants me to be, so with this faith, I’m content.

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