The End?

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The end is the end, Of a beginning with no end. Live. Stepping into the Spirit, The fire burns, Cleanses the impurities, Sets the world ablaze. In the beginning was God, In the end there is judgment. Live, Repent, Live again in the Spirit. Free yourself of this world, Only by the Son. He has Won. Leave this world pure …

Don’t Be Afraid To Shine

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~ Anais Nin Being our true self takes tremendous risk and courage. By being our self we have to stand alone in our power without any fears or doubts. We have to have the audacity to trust …


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Today I had a thought. I think it comes with awareness. I realized, I complain about life sometimes. I complain about my mental illness, silently. I complain about money. I complain about my job. I complain about people who complain. It’s a weakness. It can become a sickness, if you let it. But, there is a bigger picture. Have faith. …

The Question?

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Looking to a time when the time will stand still. -The judgment Will it end quietly or will the silence penetrate the walls and shake furiously? -The inner walls Will the fierce light penetrate the soul and shine like gold or will the residue be like ash? -The self-reflection Or is this the judgment that was taught? -The question


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Contentment– Life happens. My goal is to be content. In my life I strive for happiness and satisfaction. Again, life happens. Life isn’t perfect. I believe that when life gets hectic and I get discontented about things, I have to remember that God is working in my life. God doesn’t want discontentment in our lives. I believe that if we …