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Between peace and war is balance, It’s anarchy. No rules, Rules to be broken. Is it fun? Or is it forgotten? I’m alive in the balance, There’s a freedom. Between peace and war is balance, It’s anarchy. No rules, Rules to be broken, Loving every minute, I’m alive in the balance, It happens seldom, It’s anarchy, It’s freedom.

The End?

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The end is the end, Of a beginning with no end. Live. Stepping into the Spirit, The fire burns, Cleanses the impurities, Sets the world ablaze. In the beginning was God, In the end there is judgment. Live, Repent, Live again in the Spirit. Free yourself of this world, Only by the Son. He has Won. Leave this world pure …

The Valley

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Look towards the mountain, If you’re in the valley. It’s temporary, The valley. Look to climb and grow, The mountain. Once at the top, Enjoy the view, Your journey is won. Don’t be discouraged on your climb down, It’s a temporary visit, The valley. It’s life, Up-and-down victories. It’s life, LIVE.

The Question?

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Looking to a time when the time will stand still. -The judgment Will it end quietly or will the silence penetrate the walls and shake furiously? -The inner walls Will the fierce light penetrate the soul and shine like gold or will the residue be like ash? -The self-reflection Or is this the judgment that was taught? -The question


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Pieces Looking inside I see the puzzle, Piece by piece. I see how it fits. Understanding the connections, Seeing the meaning. If the pieces get scattered it can feel defeating. When and if this happens, It’s time to sort it out. Taking it piece by piece, And eliminating the doubt. Pieces

No More Crutch

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No More Crutch is a book written of poetry, writings, and feelings from the early years of my recovery living with a dual diagnosis. My dual diagnosis consists of bipolar disorder and addiction to drugs/alcohol. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1995 after a drug induced manic episode. I was going to an all night rave club in NYC …