The Question?

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Looking to a time when the time will stand still. -The judgment Will it end quietly or will the silence penetrate the walls and shake furiously? -The inner walls Will the fierce light penetrate the soul and shine like gold or will the residue be like ash? -The self-reflection Or is this the judgment that was taught? -The question


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Defeated? What do you do when you feel defeated? I don’t mean losing a game or a bout with someone. I mean when life seems to kick you around when you’re at a low point and leaves you at the curb. This might sound abnormal, but is this feeling “normal” for someone living with a mental illness? Living with Bipolar …

Bipolar Melody

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Bipolar Melody- Scene’s flash by, Is it life or memories? Life seems dream like, Dreams seem life like. Confusion? Misunderstanding? Bipolar. Life is confusing, Living a bipolar life can be devastating. Take a breath, Collecting the thought, Take control of the uncontrollable. Scenes flash by, Is it life or memories? Living with the memories of my life. Dreaming to make …

Stability in Recovery

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Stability in Recovery- When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1 and addiction I hoped for a stable life. Hope is an expectation of fulfillment. My new life with this dual diagnosis started in April of 1995. The first seven years of this new life was like an uncontrollable tidal wave. I was up, down, and all over the …


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Awakening- What is an awakening? It is a breakthrough from the inside out. It is a breakthrough of walls and barriers that we create internally. What causes these walls and barriers? Fear. What causes the fear? In my case, it is acceptance. Why acceptance? Because living with my dual diagnosis of bipolar disorder and addiction to alcohol/drugs there is a …


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Truth- When looking for the light, Are you in darkness? When listening to the truth, Do you hear? When I’m going through adversity I’m always praying for an answer. I believe in order to hear the truth, We have to accept the light. The light can come to us through an understanding of acceptance. An acceptance that a change has …