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Between peace and war is balance, It’s anarchy. No rules, Rules to be broken. Is it fun? Or is it forgotten? I’m alive in the balance, There’s a freedom. Between peace and war is balance, It’s anarchy. No rules, Rules to be broken, Loving every minute, I’m alive in the balance, It happens seldom, It’s anarchy, It’s freedom.

Medication Compliance

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What does medication compliance have to do with mental health? In my situation it’s crucial in my stability of life, living with bipolar disorder. I’ve been living with bipolar disorder for over 20 years. I wasn’t always compliant with a medication regiment. Why? There’s a couple of reasons for this. In 1995 when I was diagnosed and was released from …

Mental Health Stigma: The Real Madness

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I am an MBA Psychologist working as a professor of psychology at a small Midwestern university and I also have a small private practice; serving a very rural area where suicide is higher than the national average. I also come from a family riddled with mental illness and suicides as well as struggle with my own mental illness. I am …


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Can’t We All Just Get Along? In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month and a lively discussion with a colleague this fine spring morning, I want to talk about a movement that leaves me flummoxed as both a patient and provider. The anti-psychiatry movement. I have to be honest. I do not understand it. We cry out for understanding, …