Life is constant,
It’s always moving forward.
Like the current,
Were constantly moving toward our goal.
But what’s our goal?
Is it to keep our heads above water?
Is it to avoid obstacles?
Or do you go with the flow?
To go with the flow,
Is to live life on life’s  terms.
To understand that there will be obstacles, trials, and adversity.
And to know to keep your head above the water and let the current of life carry you through them.
The current is strong,
Life is always moving,
Life is a journey,
So stay strong.
Feel the flow.

Is it in us?
Or around us?
Do we feel it?
Or sense it?
We are filled and surrounded by the Spirit.
We are conduits for God.
We bring teachings from him to life by living His teachings.
We are filled by the Spirit.
It is in us.
It is around us.
We do feel it.
We do sense it.
Live in the Spirit.

Bipolar Melody-
Scene’s flash by,
Is it life or memories?
Life seems dream like,
Dreams seem life like.
Life is confusing,
Living a bipolar life can be devastating.
Take a breath,
Collecting the thought,
Take control of the uncontrollable.
Scenes flash by,
Is it life or memories?
Living with the memories of my life.
Dreaming to make the dreams live!
Bipolar Melody-


Life happens. My goal is to be content. In my life I strive for happiness and satisfaction. Again, life happens. Life isn’t perfect. I believe that when life gets hectic and I get discontented about things, I have to remember that God is working in my life. God doesn’t want discontentment in our lives. I believe that if we restructure our thinking and realize that God wants our lives to be satisfied and happy we can become content. In the past I didn’t want contentment because I was missing the point of what it really means. As a Christian, my thinking has changed. I believe that God is always working on and in us. I also believe that I have to be thankful for the life that I was given. I realize now that being content is being satisfied in the present until you get where you’re going in the future. Sometimes easier said than done. I will take into account that situations can arise from discontentment but God is always working on where he wants me to be, so with this faith, I’m content.


Life moves fast.
Time to slow it down.
To reflect on my journey and see where I’ve been.
I’ve been to hell and back, in purgatory I had a home.
Never really free,
Never the true me.
Didn’t really think that the suffering would end.
That my soul and body would fuse back together and mend.
Over time my progress was slow but my life was changing.
Putting one step in front of the other like my life was in training.
I need to be thankful.
God has saved me.
He has provided.
I am thankful for,
My life,
My wife,
My children,
My job,
And my mental health advocacy.
My higher power has raised me from the dead.
I am thankful.

What is the message?
What could it be?
It’s a simplified life,
Which has been bestowed in me.
To deliver it simply,
Is all I want to achieve.
To put it out to see and hear,
But it’s up to you in what you believe.
Not to change your mind, or push an idea.
Just to free your mind, without any fear.
Open and honest is what I believe, see it for yourself, for what you want to achieve.
I want to achieve freedom, to soar with the eagles in the open sky.
Not to persuade or judge, or leave with a question ending with, why?
I believe in God the Father, the Son that never sets.
If it wasn’t for the Father, the Son would never have been sent.
For that, I believe in Jesus Christ, who saves me from my sins. He knows my woes, he’s heard my cries , on my knees when I’d repent.

Will make your journey happen.
I try to be around and listen to positive people, but sometimes that can be difficult. In my life I try to be creative in ways to share a positive story of recovery. Positive and negative things happen every day in life. It’s how we react to them and show the world how we learned our lesson. Positivity is good for growth, but we also can grow from the negative. Every pole has a reaction, so what’s yours?